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Medical Research

The Foundation is committed to supporting medical research which has a high probability of a positive clinical outcome. 

Since inception, The Foundation has made 72 grants totalling £3,298,582 in support of medical research undertaken in the UK.

If you are considering making an application in this category we suggest that you make contact with the Foundation first.

The following key themes have been supported by the Foundation:

Research and Clinical Trials:
The Foundation's ongoing support with The University of Bristol is supporting important research into new treatments for heart failure and hypertension.
Wound Dressings:
The University of Bath has received matched funding for its SMART bandage project working with the Bristol Royal Children's Hospital. The dressing is an innovative diagnostic tool for burn and wound infection.
Stem Cell Research:
A soft tissue scaffold, for use in reconstructive surgery, is being developed by the Blond McIndoe Foundation and supported by The Foundation.
Brain Tumours:
At Nottingham University research into childhood brain tumors is being supported by the Foundation with a three year award for a research fellow looking at novel treatments for recurrent Ependymomas in children. 
 Heart by-pass innovation:
The Foundation is supporting a trial into a less invasive form of vein harvesting for by-pass surgery at the Bristol Heart Institute by providing funds for test harvests using the new procedure.
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