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Medical Research

The Foundation is committed to supporting medical research which has a high probability of a positive clinical outcome. 

Since inception, The Foundation has made grants totalling over £3.5 million in support of medical research undertaken in the UK.

If you are considering making an application in this category we suggest that you make contact with the Foundation first.

The following key themes have been supported by the Foundation:

Research and Clinical Trials:
The University of Bath received matched funding for a research nurse as part of its SMART bandage project working with the Bristol Royal Children's Hospital Paediatric Burns unit. The dressing is potentially an innovative diagnostic tool for burn and wound infection in children.

The Foundation helped to support two PhD students at the University of Nottingham. Research into Cerebral Mutism, and the development of predictive tools to tackle this, has been undertaken by one student. A PhD student, working in the Diagnostic MRI Centre, has begun research into the uses of hyperpolarized xenon to target neurological and respiratory conditions. The research aims to reduce invasive procedures and will hopefully progress into clinical work.

Women's Health:
Wellbeing of Women received a grant to help continue research into Endometriosis in Edinburgh. The Foundation’s grant is helping to fund a clinical research nurse, who will recruit patients to trial anti-cancer drugs, aimed at tackling endometriosis. The research will hopefully progress an area of medicine which has previously not been widely researched. 
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