The James Tudor Foundation established for funding the relief of sickness and finding by other means

Other Means

The Foundation may receive applications that do not neatly fit into one of the other five programmes areas but which do meet the requirement of the relief of sickness.

Since the Foundation was started in 2005, it has made 133 grants totalling £2,013,774 in this category of awards.

The Foundation has supported projects such as:-

The Foundation currently contributing towards the salary of a Volunteer Coordinator at Narcolepsy UK; the role manages existing volunteers and recruits new volunteers to help raise awareness and improve understanding of Narcolepsy across the UK.
Designability, based in Bath, received a grant to provide two more Wizzybugs into their Wizzybug loan scheme, helping disabled children under five. The Wizzybug is an assisted seating and mobility device for young disabled children; the loan scheme now has 250 Wizzybugs available to families across the UK.
With help from The Foundation, Aspire has provided a second converted bungalow in Bristol for the use of spinally injured people and their carers’ while in rehabilitation.
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