The James Tudor Foundation established for funding the relief of sickness and finding by other means

Other Means

The Foundation may receive applications that do not neatly fit into one of the other five programmes areas but which do meet the requirement of the relief of sickness.

Since the Foundation was started in 2005, it has made grants totalling over £2 million in this category of awards.

The Foundation has supported projects such as:-

The Pod has been able to create a mobile sensory area for children following a grant from the Foundation. A pop-up gazebo, bean bags and sensory lighting allows disabled children a chance to relax and spend time with friends while attending a local youth club.
MS Therapy Centre West of England extended its Oxygen Therapy Coordinator’s hours as a result of a grant from the Foundation. This has led to the provision of extra therapy hours , as well as recruitment of more volunteers to operate the oxygen therapy chamber. As a result of the extended hours the Centre has been able to offer the service to other organisations bringing in extra income.
The longstanding relationship with The Daisy Garland has enabled the Foundation to make a contribution towards the charity’s core costs. This helped to fund Ketogenic welcome boxes, fundraising and helped the charity to reach more young patients and their families. 

The annual dementia conference run by BRACE in Bristol was once again funded by the Foundation. The conference informs and supports hundreds of people in the South West and updates them about new research as well as care and support developments. Over 250 people attend the event annually. 

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