The James Tudor Foundation established for funding funding the relief of sickness

The Relief of Sickness

The Foundation has the principal object of the relief of sickness.

This area of funding tends to be the most populous in terms of awards made, with 212 grants given to date totalling £2,058,355.

This has included grants in the following areas:-

Mental Health:

The National Mental Health Co-ordination Lead has been co-funded at HAFAL, in Wales. The post works to provide better support for carer's of people with mental health issues across Wales.

At TADIC, in Hampshire, funding has been awarded to provide counselling and support for young people struggling with anxiety issues and self harm; the service aims to prevent these young people's referral into children's mental health services.


The Foundation has provided funding for an Outreach Officer based in Bristol for Deafblind UK to develop a one to one service for deaf blind people and their carers'.

A part-time Therapy Assistant has been part funded at The Neuro Therapy Centre in Flintshire for patients with neurological conditions such as MS and Parkinson's.


The Rainbow Trust has received further funding towards a Family Support Worker for children with life-limiting illnesses in Bristol and Bath; the role is critical in providing non clinical support for the siblings and parents of a very sick child.

FACT received a contribution towards its support sessions for men affected by cancer in the North West of England.
The Foundation also provided funding to 3 organisations working with visually impaired people in Newcastle, across Cornwall and in Somerset. This funding has supported outreach support to reduce isolation, assistive technology support, signposting and education for the Newcastle Society for Blind People, iSight Cornwall and Somerset Sight.
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