How to Apply

How to apply to the James Tudor Foundation grants and funding for the relief of sickness. Palliative care, medical research & health education overseas

How To Apply

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download documents on this page which can be downloaded FREE here:

Brief Guide

  1. Is your charity eligible to apply? Use our quick eligibility checker to see if you can apply to the Foundation for funding.
  2. If this indicates that you may be eligible for funding, read the Application Guidelines- all the information you need can be found here. 
  3. At this stage, if you are eligible, email a completed application coversheet and a one page summary to with 'Application Outline' as the message header. For more details please see Making an Outline Application.
  4. Your outline application will be reviewed and at this stage we may request some additional information. 
  5. If you are then invited to submit a full application to the Foundation, there is a checklist of information for you to use in the Application Guidelines at page 12.
  6. Email or post the full application pack to us using the correct postage - if you email, your application pack must be in PDF format and we may request hard copies of these documents at a later date.
  7. If you would like an acknowledgement, please provide your email address or a stamped addressed envelope.
If you have communication needs that make it difficult for you to complete or to send us your application, please contact us.
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